Dive Logbook for PROTEA BANKS

SUN FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 February 2014 | PROTEA BANKS

Current: strong
Viz: 20m+
Sea Temp: 24 degrees Celsius

DIVE 1 - Southern Pinnacles: 1 Bull (Zambezi) shark. About 6 Round Ribbontail Rays and one very big Brindle Bass on the Arch. 1 Guitar shark and plenty of pretty reef fish ... also saw some really big Kingfish. Just before the safety stop a SUN FISH was spotted ... EPIC!!!!!

DIVE 2 - Northern Pinnacles: 1 small Tiger shark, 1 Bull (Zambezi) and 1 Oceanic Blacktip shark ... 2 very friendly Potato Bass and a few rays ...

EPIC day of diving on Protea Banks!

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