Protea Banks - Shelly Beach

PROTEA BANKS offers an exceptionally exciting specialty SHARK dive for locals and international visitors alike!!!


PADI Advanced Scuba Diver Course:


 Do your PADI Avanced Course with Aqua Planet Dive Centre & Charter and get to experience diving the famous Protea Banks in Shelly Beach.

The course includes: 

·        Navigation dive (Uvongo Lagoon) - compass use included 

 ·      Deep dive (Protea Banks)

 and a CHOICE OF 3 OTHER DIVES (Protea Banks)        

-        Fish ID, Multi Level, Drift,  Peak Performance Buoyancy

Also included in the course is equipment use for the duration of the course, as well as your PADI Advanced manual and certification card.

ONLY: R3000-00 per person


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Launching daily (weather permitting) for PROTEA BANKS, with our 7,2m dive duck 'Majikaduze' you are assured of a great diving experience in SHELLY BEACH.  Safety is our number one priority and with a fully equipped dive centre, kitting up is easy, our rental equipped is in excellent condition and includes a SMB in the BCD.  We have hot showers available for after the dive and a debriefing is done over a cup of hot coffee or tea.  If you want to experience the wonders of PROTEA BANKS, be assured of professional and friendly service, and a memorable diving experience you should look no further than Aqua Planet Dive Centre and Charter.




PROTEA BANKS offers an exceptionally exciting specialty SHARK dive.  Situated 7,5km off Shelly Beach, on the KwaZulu Natal's South Coast, PROTEA BANKS allows ADVANCED divers the opportunity to experience a shark dive that is completely unique.

During the summer months the Bull Shark (Zambezi) makes PROTEA BANKS its home. Hammerhead sharks are often seen overhead and not just one or two, we are talking hundreds .... yes hundreds. Guitar Sharks, Dusky and Oceanic Blacktip sharks frequent this reef with a select few getting the privilege of seeing the elusive Tiger Shark in the Tiger sharks season.

In the winter months the Ragged-Tooth Sharks congregate on PROTEA BANKS to mate.

Aside from sharks PROTEA BANKS, also boasts a vast number of gamefish such as Barracuda, Snappers, Cape Yellowtail, Kingfish, Tropical Amberjack, Bonita, Prodical Son to name but a few.  Friendly Potato Bass are often encountered and sometimes we are privileged to see Brindle Bass.  A variety of Rays are also a common sighting - Round Ribbontail Rays, Eagle Rays and occasionally Manta's.

And with pristine reef, the reef is alive with a wide variety of reef fish.  These are unfortunately often overlooked as once the sharks are sighted, the reef is often forgotten

And then of course with PROTEA BANKS just about anything can happen.  We have had rare sightings of Marlin, Sunfish, Humpback Whales, Dolphins, the odd Great White Shark and even a very curious Blue Shark. So if you are looking for adventure and a dive site where just about anything can happen, PROTEA BANKS is the place to be.  I have personally been diving PROTEA BANKS for 15 years, and still get excited each and every time I go on a dive!!! and very jealous when I am not on the dive!


Dived mainly in the summer months, this site is home to the notorious Bull Shark (Zambezi) which brings a great deal of notoriety to this world-renowned dive location.  Other sharks frequenting PROTEA BANKS include Hammerheads, Oceanic Blacktips, Dusky, Guitar Sharks and a variety of Rays.  For a fortunate few there is even the possibility of sighting the Tiger Shark.


This site, normally dived in winter months during the Ragged-Tooth mating season, allows divers to view "Raggies" in close proximity on their annual migration route. The area consists of two cave systems in which the "Raggies" congregate. At times it is impossible to see the mouth of the caves as it is completely obscured by masses of sharks!

Due to currents and depth, Protea Banks reef dives are reserved for experienced Advanced divers, please adhere to this.

Dive prices:

·        Protea Banks excluding equip:  R 380-00 per dive

·        Protea Banks with cyl & wb:  R 450-00 per dive

.        Protea Banks with scuba:  R550-00 per dive  

.        Protea Banks with full kit hire:  R600-00 per dive

.        Baited shark dive:  R1350-00 per dive

·        Full equipment:  R 250-00 per day

·        Scuba hire:  R 200-00 per day

·        Equipment hire (single item):  R80-00 per item, per dive  

BAITED SHARK dives are also done on Protea Banks with great success.   In the Tiger shark season, Tiger sharks are often seen on these dives.  Oceanic Blacktip sharks are seen on most dives.  Zambezi (Bull) sharks are regular vistors and Dusky's are also seen in the season.    As we only go to 10m, this dive is also suitable for Open Water divers.  The cost is R1350-00 per person.

Accommodation and dive packages also available for those who would like to do multiple dives with us.  For more information,

please contact Kym on

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