Dive Logbook for PROTEA BANKS


13 April 2017 | PROTEA BANKS

Current: medium
Viz: 10m
Sea Temp: 24 degrees Celsius at top, 19 degrees at bottom

DIVE 1 - Northern Pinnacle: In the caves we had 3 Ragged Tooth Sharks. We also had 3 Potato Bass and a massive Musselcracker. As we started to multi-level we had a Turtle swimming around below us. Mid water we had 5 Oceanic Blacktip Sharks popping in and out.

DIVE 2 - Baited Shark Dive: After a few minutes of baiting we got a MASSIVE TIGER SHARK on our drum. Below him we had a Zambezi (Bull) Shark circling around. They stayed around for about 5 minutes or so then disappeared into the distance. After that the action on the drum stopped. So we grabbed a reel and headed down to the reef. We had at least 4 Round Ribbontail Rays, 2 Potato Bass and 2 Oceanic Blacktip Sharks. Mid water we had another 3 Oceanic Blacktip Sharks and just as we were about to get out we had a MANTA RAY CIRCLING US FOR A FEW MINUTES!!!! ...... CRAZY DIVE!!!!!!

We also saw a Manta Ray very briefly from the boat.

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