Aliwal Shoal - Umkomaas

Rated as a top dive site, ALIWAL SHOAL, a fossilized sand dune lies about 4km offshore from the small coastal town of Umkomaas, on the KwaZulu Natal South Coast of South Africa.

'The Shoal' gives divers the unique opportunity to experience wreck, reef and seasonal shark diving at the same site. ALIWAL SHOAL boasts an abundance of aquatic life from Nudibranchs to Manta Rays, including Turtles, Dolphins, Eels and a great variety of tropical fish species. During the winter months the RAGGED-TOOTH SHARKS congregate on 'The Shoal' to mate.

AQUA PLANET DIVE CENTRE AND CHARTER does not run a charter boat to Aliwal Shoal, however we are happy to accommodate a booking to Aliwal Shoal, as an add on to your trip to PROTEA BANKS, Shelly Beach.

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Umkomaas Shipwrecks:

THE NEBO WRECK - Maximum Depth: 26m

The NEBO, a 2000 ton steamship sank on the 24 May 1884, on her maiden voyage, just north of the Aliwal Shoal. She was carrying of a cargo of railway material which is now the home to numerous fish. No lives were lost.

The NEBO wreck is best dived in the winter months when there is less rain.

THE PRODUCE WRECK - Maximum Depth: 30m

The PRODUCE, a Norwegian bulk carrier struck Aliwal Shoal on the 11th August 1974 and sank. There were no fatalities. The rusted framework now provides an established residence for a variety of fish species and very good diving. The elusive Brindle Bass is a great attraction and an awesome sight underwater.

The PRODUCE wreck is best dived in the winter months when there is less rain.

PLEASE NOTE: All wrecks are reserved for ADVANCED divers only.


As from the 13th of April 2012, all scuba divers diving in a Marine Protected Area require a permit. ALIWAL SHOAL, in Umkomaas, is a Marine Protected Area (MPA). Please laminate your permit with a certified copy of your ID on the back. Please keep it with you on the boat (a dry box on the boat is now provided for this).

Permits can be obtained at the Post Office. Forms can be obtained at AQUA PLANET DIVE CENTRE AND CHARTER (when available) or at the Post Office.

PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to have a permit and AQUA PLANET DIVE CENTRE AND CHARTER will not be held liable for anyone diving without a permit. If caught without a permit you will be fined.

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